Our Logistic Services

Global logistics underpins development and growth. An endless choreography of goods and services, it supports our economies, our partnerships, our ways of life. But when the connections become weak, so does our ability to grow, and thrive, together.

Air Cargo

We offer a range of air cargo services to help you find the optimal balance between speed and cost. Benefit from a seamless network with the highest safety and quality standards to fly your cargo to any location in the world.

Our air cargo teams around the globe provide flexible solutions for a wide range of transport challenges, from automotive and high tech products, machines and electronics to pharmaceutical products, fine arts transports, and concert logistics. We also offer specialized air freight services for live animals, temperature-sensitive items, and dangerous goods. Our customs and tax experts will be glad to advise you on country-specific customs duties, goods movement certificates, and certificates of origin.

Looking for a cost-effective air cargo solution with regular flight departures? Our ECONOMY service gives you all the benefits of airfreight at the most favorable rates.

We ship your goods on reliable airlines via the most suitable air cargo hubs. Bulk purchases at airfreight centers allow us to achieve the best rates for your regular consignments and standard commodities. Our door-to-door solutions include consolidation services, pre- and on-carriage, and customs clearance.

With over 30 years of experience in air cargo, we ensure top quality through regular carrier assessments as part of our clearly defined carrier policy and our company-wide continuous improvement process. As forerunners in sustainable transport, we rely on environment-friendly solutions and preferentially work with airlines who offer these and other sustainable options such as CO2 emission calculators.

Time is money. Our PRIORITY solutions are fine-tuned to help you save both. We choose the shortest routes and make use of airline express services, offering space priority and short transit times.

With our PRIORITY service, you benefit from frequent direct flights, a dedicated contact person to handle your cargo, and precisely defined time-windows for pick-up and delivery. We provide high space availability on first class carriers to make sure your cargo arrives safely and without delay.

Our air freight teams have created optimized routing schedules and streamlined trade lane concepts to connect all airports around the world in the most efficient way. We cut down on all unnecessary ballast, from loading and handling times to the emission of hazardous substances. This is why we opt for environment-friendly direct flights whenever possible. Our one-stop solutions include pre- and on-carriage and a range of value added services. We gladly support you with accelerated import and export customs clearance services on request.

Ocean Cargo

Our reliable sea cargo services ensure that your goods reach any continent in the world safely and on time. We provide a variety of FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load) and special project transport solutions tailored to your needs.

Thanks to long-standing relationships with a range of carriers, we can act flexibly, offer secured vessel space, and make use of large volumes to negotiate the best conditions for your ocean freight shipments. We provide temperature-controlled transport as well as special equipment for oversized cargo, break bulk, vehicle transport and more. To minimize transshipment risks, we preferably ship via the most direct route. Customs clearance and transport insurance are available upon request.

Our ocean freight experts have vast experience in shipping virtually all types of industrial and consumer goods. In addition to our highly developed Foodstuffs & Perishables competence centers, our teams can provide specialized solutions for Automotive, Fashion, Healthcare, High Tech and other markets in defined regions around the world.

As an alternative to sea cargo, we offer FCL and LCL train services between China and Europe for transit times that are approximately two weeks faster than ocean freight at costs approximately 60% lower than air freight.

Whether it’s from Singapore to Rotterdam, from Koper to Shanghai or from Hamburg to LA – our sea cargo teams have the right solution for your transport!

FCL – Full Container Loads

With our FCL service, we provide a competitive, secure and simple shipping method for your full container loads. Benefit from competitive prices and reserved cargo space on all main trade lanes.

For your full container transports, we offer a variety of solutions with standard, reefer, open top and flat rack containers as well as and necessary special equipment. We ensure regular departures and reliable delivery times to all worldwide ports, with dedicated operational teams in Europe, North and Southeast Asia, India, and the USA.

Our FCL experts create door-to-door solutions tailored to your needs, including pre- and on-carriage from and to any continent in the world. You can choose between ECONOMY, PRIORITY and EMERGENCY service. Our offer includes specialized services for the requirements of automotive, fashion, healthcare, and perishables transports. We flexibly combine sea, air, road and rail to accomplish the best balance between speedy delivery and cost-efficient handling. Thanks to the specific trade lane competence of our sea cargo experts around the world, we can optimize your transports by using the best routes and most suitable carriers and reserving vessel space to be prepared for seasonal fluctuations.

Our clients increasingly combine our FCL solutions with our warehousing, distribution and value added services and make use of the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform and Purchase Order Management system which allows for visibility on item number level and provides comprehensive supply chain management.

LCL – Less than Container Load

With our consolidation service, you only pay for the space you need. Professional handling at every hub is guaranteed thanks to our highly trained LCL teams.

Our part load service is ideal for smaller shipments. By sharing vessel space with other shippers, you can achieve faster delivery and lower inventory stocks. We make optimal use of ocean carrier services and port infrastructures to minimize stopovers and provide maximum speed, security and flexibility.

With our LCL solutions, you benefit from a variety of buyers' and shippers' consolidation options, including multi-country consolidation. Our dedicated teams handle all pre- and on-carriage and customs procedures to avoid delays and arrange smooth processes at every port and inland terminal. Thanks to constant monitoring and strict compliance with the latest supply chain security management standards, you can rest assured that your cargo is in good hands.

With our cargo-partner owned direct consolidation services, we ship your LCL cargo directly from various origin location CFS (Container Freight Stations) to final destination CFS without devanning the cargo at seaports, which reduces the risk of damage during unloading and reloading. On traffic lanes where we do not offer our own consolidation services, we link our surface transport to carefully selected, globally active NVO partners. Depending on the urgency of your LCL shipment, you can choose between ECONOMY, PRIORITY and EMERGENCY processing. In our LCL divisions, we often handle PRIORITY routings, while EMERGENCY shipments are usually handled by our airfreight departments.

Ground Freight

We provide regular departures and short transit times in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Our extensive network and selected range of quality carriers ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods.

Our road service portfolio ranges from full load (FTL) to part load (LTL), groupage and express solutions. We provide specialized transport services for a variety of goods, such as oversized and out-of-gauge cargoes, temperature-sensitive foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals as well as vulnerable and valuable cargo.

The highest safety, hygiene and punctuality standards are guaranteed thanks to our strict quality assurance process via the cargo-partner Road Carrier Platform. Our carefully selected pool of carriers and ideally located hubs allow us to offer maximum coverage and flexibility. In addition to our cost-effective ECONOMY services, we offer customized PRIORITY solutions, fine-tuned to your needs in regard to cost and speed, as well as 24/7 EMERGENCY services for immediate support and the fastest transport times.

Full Truck Loads

Our full load service provides maximum punctuality for your urgent full loads within Europe. We transport all varieties of commercial goods, palletized or non-palletized. Thanks to our pool of certified carriers, we can offer high flexibility in regard to cargo space.

With our FTL service, we guarantee optimized time frame management and total transparency during the entire transport. Strict quality control procedures are in place to ensure that all cargo is properly secured and our cargo spaces meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

We can arrange express transports and just-in-time (JIT) deliveries as well as a variety of tailor-made solutions for goods with special requirements. Our project cargo specialists are experienced in handling the transport of machinery, equipment and any other oversized or overweight cargo. Our reefer experts will find the ideal temperature-controlled solution for your foodstuffs, perishables and pharmaceuticals transports from -25° to +25°. And our specialists for valuable and vulnerable cargo will ensure maximum security for your most precious goods, thanks to optimal routes, selected parking areas, permanent monitoring, and constant contact with our two drivers.


Benefit from our Europe-wide consolidation network for daily departures, fast transit and efficient door-to-door deliveries. Transit times range between 24 and 72 hours, making use of overnight runs whenever possible. We also offer Express services on request.

Our dense network in Central and Eastern Europe is fully integrated with ILN (International Logistics Network) to ensure maximum reach and quality control. In addition, we deliver to remote markets such as Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Georgia and Azerbaijan via our ideally located hubs.

With our groupage solutions, you can rely on quick transshipment and frequent departures as well as a range of value added services such as picking and packing, palletizing, labeling and customs clearance. The maximum standard dimensions for general cargo are 240 x 120 x 210 cm per unit with a maximum weight of 1,500 kg. However, we will gladly arrange the transport of oversized and heavy cargoes on request.

Less than Truck Loads

With our part load service, you only pay for the shipping space you require. We maintain regular truck departures and provide our own network of centrally located hubs and warehouses throughout Europe.

Thanks to our extensive pool of carefully selected road carriers, we always find the ideal cargo space for your volume and can react quickly in case of unexpected events to ensure timely and reliable delivery.

Get the best rates for your transports throughout Europe with our efficient road consolidation services. We operate a large pool of carriers, offering a wide variety of options from transit vans to mega trailers, including tarpaulin, box and side curtain trailers. All carriers are screened and selected via our Road Carrier Platform to ensure the highest quality standards, optimal pricing, transparency and efficient communication. Our door-to-door services include picking and packing, palletizing, labeling and customs clearance upon request.

Railway Freight

We have formed partnerships with reliable railway service providers both in various overseas nations to cater to every detail of customer requirements.

We are also able to provide services in combination with ocean freight, air freight, ground freight and other transportation modes in our role of global logistics provider.

Advantages of Railway Freight

The advantages of railway transportation include the facts that it is less expensive than air transportation and faster than ocean transportation.

High Levels of Punctuality and Security

The railway freight services provided by SG Logistics have high levels of punctuality, and the levels of security. We provide means that you can entrust your freight to us with peace of mind.


This method of transportation is attracting attention for reducing the burden on the environment owing to it being expected to emit less carbon dioxide.

Specialized Transport

When every second matters, our team offers the most flexible solutions for your extremely urgent transports. We’ll get you out of trouble! We will process your order immediately and offer precisely defined transit times to help you meet the tightest of deadlines. Our experienced teams are ready to solve any logistical challenge quickly, efficiently and professionally. We are prepared to create custom solutions tailored to your needs, making use of all available resources to solve even the trickiest situations. Benefit from the fastest reaction times and flexible just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) solutions. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained expertise in providing top-notch goods transport services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your goods, while offering competitive rates and excellent customer support.